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Icon Fest icons


So, I am posting the icons I made for the IconFest. There were a lot of participants and hundreds and hundreds of icons made. It has been real fun, and I was glad I got to enjoy it more than last time around. :) For those who don't know what this event was: lemonpunch (our sweet sweet icon goddess - at least in my eyes. >.>) has organized some posts in her journal with rules and faqs and a main post where people could have posted prompts they wanted to fill, either with supplying images or just naming the fandom giving a theme for it. I can't even express how much fun it was. :) You can see all the icons here. Moving on, sorry for the sort of messy form of this post, I couldn't make it prettier, because there were some subjects I didn't make even numbered icons of, so my organizing skills prove to be poor in this entry, anyway I hope you will enjoy looking at the icons, even though there is one I don't agree with (the Rose/11th blend, came out a bit poorly), but I posted it anyway, because well, why not. Constructive criticism is most welcome! :) And now here are the icons:

[1-4] Bleak House, Alexis Bledel, HIMYM, stock
[5-8] Merlin BBC, Bradley James
[9-12] Doctor Who, Billie Piper
[13-17] Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
[18-22] Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
[23-27] Karen Gillan
[28-32] Lily Cole, Gemma Ward
[33-37] Disney - Hercules
[38-42] Disney - Mulan

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