Alexandra (innocent_lexys) wrote in infinite_muse,

Moving on

Dear, Watchers!

The time has come and I have chosen the new community name and set up everything. I still need to work a little more on the userinfo profile by adding some examples, but everything else is pretty much set up.

So, infinite_muse was created 2009-01-13 22:12:34, and today 16th July it will deservingly set aside to "rest". I love this community, it brought me special moments, witnessed how I grew slowly from a stock icon maker to a fandom maker, it witnessed how much fun I am having with textures. It witnessed a couple periods of hiatuses and it even had the pleasure of hosting an Icon Fest. It slowly grew out to have 752 lovely, special watchers. I am truly grateful for every comment and positive, constructive criticism I have received over a little more than two and a half years. I am also grateful for those of you who have never commented, but still for some reason watched the place. Thanks goes for each one of you. infinite_muse will always be a part of me, and hopefully a part of you as well, and I am in no way deleting it, it is way too special for me for that, so it stays around with my past works, and you are welcome to browse around on it, as I will as well, from time to time.

So, now comes the moment of saying goodbye. So, goodbye to those of you who decide not to follow me to where I am going now. It has been a pleasure! :)

And for those of you who wish to continue the journey I am taking, please watch satine_violet. I was set on this name, maybe even from the beginning.
I am also keeping lavender_flow for a future cause, which I am not speaking yet of. The rest of the communities are up for grabs as I mentioned before, so if you grew to like one of the names, just comment and I will pass it down to you!

So, that is it, I suppose, for now, here.

satine_violet /// satine_violet /// satine_violet

Yours truly,
with love,

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