July 9th, 2011

BatB - Belle

15 icons


So, today I sort of got myself into an iconing mood, and to my surprise I have made 14 icons in just one day... and they look different from my older stuff, I am quite pleasantly surprised. I am looking forward to your feedback! I am especially curious about whether the contrast and the sharpness are alright. Thank you. (I also added an icon I made for a challenge.) These are the very first icons in a great while.

Also, in my previous update I was positively surprised at how many of you are interested in a collab or an icon battle. It makes me feel welcome and warm. Thank you. I will reply to the comments tomorrow. :)

Anyhow on to the icons. I hope you will enjoy some.

[1-10] Doctor Who [Season 2. - Rose, Doctor]
[11-12] Emma Watson
[13-14] The Vampire Diaries [Ian, Damon with Elena]
[15] Stock [made for a challenge for createandshine]


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Take care and be well,
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